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Wetland management

Wetlands are managed differently for different reasons. In some cases their conservation values may be of high priority, while in others they may be managed to provide important monitoring information. Many landholders are also interested in managing wetlands on their property as part of their production systems, while others might be more interested in rehabilitation. To assist in wetland management a variety of tools and resources are required.

This section of WetlandInfo provides information related to these management resources.

Brisbane River, Photo by Cathy Ellis

Quick facts

of the challenges in wetland management is the division of responsibilities between different authorities in a catchment.
Wetland management requires a multidisciplinary process that integrates the technical, economic, environmental, social and legal aspects of water management on a catchment-wide scale.

Wetlands need to be managed in a whole-of-landscape approach as many of the processes and values are best appreciated at a landscape level.

Wetland management topics

Managing wetlands requires the consideration of many aspects. Some questions to consider are...

Other useful information and support can be provided through your regional NRM body or local government.

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