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PCE 14/15 - Pig Control at Tandora


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Project lead


The Trustee for The Titmarsh Family Trust (trading as Tandora Grazing Pty Ltd ATF The Titmarsh Family Trust)


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Funding source

Burnett Mary Regional Group NRM Regional Investments - Keeping it Great Partner: The Trustee for The Titmarsh Family Trust (trading as Tandora Grazing Pty Ltd ATF The Titmarsh Family Trust)

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Start date

8 December 2014

End date

29 May 2015


This four-year feral pig control program is culling pigs on Tandora, a large privately owned parcel of land at the mouth of the Mary and Susan rivers adjacent to the Great Sandy Strait Ramsar Site, a wetland of international significance. The project team believes the only solution to the feral pig problem is a long-term program of trapping and poisoning, so that other pigs do not simply replace the culled population.

Best results are obtained by first gaining the confidence of the animals instead of chasing them with guns and dogs. Grain feeding them prior to poisoning works well. Heavily used areas are suitable as feeding sites.

The project will take this approach:
  • Take the necessary time to concentrate pigs in certain areas. In sugar cane areas the pigs usually concentrate on certain cane blocks that grow their favourite variety. However, in the cattle country of Tandora, they are just as likely to go to other parts of the land.
  • The non-tidal islands in the river require a different approach. Here, fresh water sites are the sensible places for feeding stations; however, none of them are accessible by boat. The only solution is to create feeding stations closer to accessible areas, so that heavy, soaked feeding grain does not have to be carried long distances. Over time pig congregation areas will be created.


This project will help:
  • eradicate this comprehensive threat to habitat and farmland
  • conserve species
  • reduce soil erosion
  • protect habitat


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Last updated: 16 May 2015

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