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PCE - FIDO Weed Management at Happy Valley Fraser Island 14/15


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Project lead


Fraser Island Defenders Organisation Limited (trading as FIDO)


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Burnett Mary Regional Group NRM Regional Investments: Keeping it Great: Fraser Island Defenders

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Start date

19 August 2014

End date

31 May 2015


This project based a team of volunteers, recruited by the Fraser Island Defenders Organization (FIDO), in Happy Valley for three weeks (starting September 2014) during the 2014-15 financial year to try to control the virulent invasion of Abrus prectorius (crabs eye).

FIDO cleaned the area of this weed in December 2005 and again in March and May 2014. However, because no follow up was carried out the weed invasion urgently needs to be dealt with again and to be incorporated into future regular FIDO weeding programs.

The project aims to: 
  • totally eradicate Abrus from Happy Valley as it is the only site (albeit a large site) on Fraser Island where it occurs
  • control weed infestation on Fraser Island by garden escapees found in residential areas on the Island and prevent further new infestations
  • establish a rain gauge to help get better environmental monitoring in and around Happy Valley since it is not only the aggregate rainfall but the intensity of downpours that influence erosion and sediment movement.


This protect will:
  • maintain the natural integrity of world heritage listed Fraser Island by controlling weed infestation.


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Last updated: 16 May 2015

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