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Riparian Restoration of Armstrong Creek


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Landcare Australia Limited



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Landcare Austrialia Ltd (through Computershare e-Tree program)

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Start date

14 May 2013

End date

30 June 2013


The Currey property is a 38.5ha grazing property located at Armstrong Creek, Dayboro. It is a mixture of open grasslands, with approximately 2.6ha of remnant gallery rainforest (notophyll vine forest) RE 12.3.1, classified as ‘endangered’, and open eucalypt forest RE 12.11.5 classified as ‘not of concern’. The property is hilly, with several gullies draining into the North Pine River.

This project builds on significant habitat restoration works undertaken by the landholders on their property over the last three years, which has seen them fence all riparian areas to exclude livestock, increase habitat and improve the connectivity between the endangered gallery rainforest and other pockets of remnant riparian vegetation. This project will be funded through the e-Trees program, a collaboration between Landcare Australia Ltd and Computershare.

The landholder is committed to improving the vegetation condition and extent and has already planted more than 900 stems of native rainforest and eucalypt forest species within five separate riparian zones. As part of their long-term plan for their property, the landholders intend to source and plant further rainforest species as well as rare and threatened species, particularly those of local provenance.

The landholder is committed to monitoring and maintaining project outcomes including:
  • establishing five standard photo-points to monitor weed suppression, natural regeneration and the survival and growth of planted species
  • carrying out follow-up weed control and ongoing maintenance of re-vegetation area.


This project will:
  • improve biodiversity in the North Pine River catchment by enhancing connectivity and habitat values in endangered remnant gallery rainforest and open eucalypt forests through re-vegetation.
  • plant 2.6ha with endangered remnant gallery rainforest species.


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