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Shorebird zones – spatial metadata

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Data structure


Field name Type Bytes Label Description
AreaID Text (UTF-8 encoded) 42 AreaID The unique identifier used in WetlandSummary
Name Text (UTF-8 encoded) 34 Name The name of the area used in WetlandSummary, excluding the area type
FullName Text (UTF-8 encoded) 49 Full name The name of the area used in WetlandSummary, including the area type
KML Text (UTF-8 encoded) 131 KML The URL of a simplified KML file depicting this area
TotalArea Double (8 byte floating point) 8 Area (km²) The total area in km²


The shorebird zones layer used by WetlandSummary is based on the source layers below, with the following modifications:

  • Name is looked up from a separate file based on the StyleUrl of each KML element
  • Excluded features not on the mainland
  • Dissolved 14 source features into 6 shorebird zones
  • Buffered lines to polygons for enhanced visibility

Source file shorebird-zone/coastbirds_MapToKML4.kml last modified 8 December 2016 (missing metadata)

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