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Intertidal and subtidal mapping background

Intertidal and subtidal classification and mapping provides an understanding of the nature and extent of ecosystems to enable effective management.

Queensland’s intertidal and subtidal mapping builds on existing information, including wetland mapping, regional ecosystem mapping and multiple other datasets. This information is combined with feedback from a broad range of experts. Only Central Queensland (CQ) has been mapped.

Unconsolidated gravel, Photo by Maria Zann

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94 ecosystem types
have been described in the Central Queensland mapping area.

Intertidal and subtidal ecosystem classification and mapping for Central Queensland

The Queensland Intertidal and Subtidal Ecosystem Classification scheme (the scheme) provided the understanding and classification of the biological, physical and chemical factors determining the nature and extent of ecosystems that underpins the mapping and ecosystem type descriptions. These datasets are available to inform a range of general management and planning purposes.

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Intertidal and subtidal mapping and classification history

The intertidal and subtidal CQ ecosystem mapping available online is a generalised version of the full version which links to the attributes datasets.

The information below provides a history of the versions provided to date.

Version 1.0 B—Unreleased: Detailed intertidal and subtidal mapping for CQ.

Version 1.0 A—Released: 2019: Generalised Intertidal and subtidal mapping for CQ.

Layer/dataset meta-data Displays Fields Extent


Field descriptions

Data download

Intertidal ecosystem type polygons (See mapping attributes field page)


Field descriptions

Data download

Subtidal ecosystem type polygons

(See mapping attributes field page)



Field descriptions

Data download

Human modifications to ecosystems (See mapping attributes field page)

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