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Surface Water Monitoring Network

Program start date

: The first river height measurement was taken at the site 143001A Brisbane River at Savages Crossing in 1909.

Program end date


Objectives of the program

This program aims to:

  • Collect information to assist in the management and assessment of Queensland’s surfacewater resources
  • Use data to develop water resource plans, monitor for resource operations plan compliance, assist engineering solutions in road and bridge building and inform the Bureau of Meteorology of river heights at gauging station locations

Who is involved?

Lead organisation

Department of Natural Resources and Mines

Contact details of lead organisation: water.monitoring♲

Partner organisations

Provides real time information to the Bureau of Meteorology to assist with Flood Warning services

List of indicators monitored

  • Time series data for river height

  • Rainfall and time series water quality parameters at a subset of sites: electrical conductivity and temperature

Scale of program


Brief description of sampling locations

The Surface Water Level Network consists of 400 stream gauging stations across Queensland

Approximately 170 of these stream gauging stations also collect time series water quality information.

Frequency of monitoring


Where is the program reported?

Water Monitoring Data Portal

Last updated: 22 March 2013

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